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What are your handles/IDs on the following platforms?

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What are your general areas of interest?

What is your niche?

Vegan recipes, VR gaming, Jogging, etc …
What other influencers do you admire?

Who influences you?
Follower Engagement & Demographics

What is the best word or phrase you like using to motivate and engage your crowd?

Do you try to respond to every message you receive? *

Do you interact with your audience via comments, replies, sharing, etc? *

If you answered yes, which ones do you use the most?

What is the age range of most of your audience? *

In what cities are your followers located? *

What is your engagement rate?

Ex: [ (total of likes and comments on last 10 posts / 10) / # of followers ] x 100
Brand Engagement

What brands have you already collaborated with?

What were your most successful brand partnerships?

In the instances of bad partnerships, what were the main reasons they went wrong?

What is your typical response time?

How many paid posts do you publish per year?

What is your average compensation per post?

What is the average number of hashtags that you use per post?

Who are you dream brands? *

Pains & Gains

What are your biggest challenges right now? *

What other challenges do you have?

What tools and software/apps do you consider essential for your content creation and task management?

Your future

As influencer marketing is in its infancy, how do you envision the future of your role as an influencer?
In the next 12 months

In the next 24 months

Beyond the next 24 months

How do you see technology assisting you in the future in order to facilitate your role within those stated timelines?

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